Martin Cooney

Technical Director, Senior Project Manager

Martin Cooney is international construction and logistical contractor with over 20 years of experience working across the African Continent.

Specialties Include- 
Project Management
Concrete Installation & Batch Plant Operation
Civil Works
International Logistics
Export- Import
Business Development
Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance
Sawmill Operations

Recent Key Projects- 

Structural rehabilitation of the Central Bank of Liberia- The project required the removal and replacement of all incompetent concrete and steel reinforcement throughout the entire 12 story building. The works where carried out over a period of 9 months 3000 sections of old concrete and steel where removed and replaced both on the interior and exterior of the building. The most intricate part of the renovation was supporting the entire 12 floors of the building with heavy I Beams in order to remove a damaged 32mm steel column bar that had been damaged by artillery fire and replace the steel and 1/3 of the surrounding concrete.

New Liberty Gold Mine Project- Served as Senior. Civil Supervisor Duties included: Overseeing the setup, lay out and construction of the various structures on the site. Supervised construction of the stockpile tunnel, gold room, as well as cut and fill earthworks necessary for the structures. Was responsible for the daily reports on manpower all consumable material on site and 3 week look ahead scheduling of the upcoming works. Supervised the removal of all old existing log bridges, re-routing of watercourses construction of by-pass roads and construction of 4 (four) 100 ton concrete bridge leading into the mine site.

Arcelor Mitrol Power Station- Work included the moving of heavy equipment via road throughout Liberia. Including the sliding into position 13 CAT CM 32 generators for the Arcelor Mitrol Power Station in Buchanan, Movement of 10 pcs. Of Heavy (+50 ton) machinery on the quayside at the Port of Buchanan

Construction of a Ebola Treatment for the American Refugee Committee- Provided support services and construction of facility built in response to the West African Ebola Outbreak.